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Shame and Letting Go

A friend recently spoke of me as being Low Maintenance, what he considers to be an attribute. I’ve been pondering this for days. I find myself preferring alone to living with insanity, a respite to those who know me. Should … Continue reading

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Ding and Helen Turn Paparazzi

The girls were having fun. Let’s just say us women hovering around fifty at the beach with our men got caught up in giggles, playing like school girls. They say laughters addicting and although we could have stopped our nonscence at … Continue reading

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Leaving a Full-House Behind

I am saddened to say that my plan for our family vacation to Cape Cod, much like our plan to go to Florida, has also fallen apart. As it turns out Fred’s son, Joe is unable to join us. Then, … Continue reading

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Picking Up the Pieces

My days have been very busy preparing to move into Fred’s house, taking care of the garden, and the endless job search. In this warmer weather I thought that the physical work should be done early and then later in … Continue reading

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Working Off the Winter

One of my motivation for planting the garden has always been: fighting the extra pounds I put on each winter. Sure eating increased amounts of fruits and vegetables always helps to regulate your system but it is the physical activity … Continue reading

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Dear Virtual Friends;

We’re all friends, right? I think that’s what you have to call it when we open up our hearts like we do, sharing our secrets and perspective on life. We have our subscriptions and try to faithfully follow the lives … Continue reading

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The Bull Shit Meter

When childhood needs were not met or if you’ve been burnt in your relationships it is sometimes difficult to overcome. It may be interfering with a present relationship and your ability to trust. It is healthy to proceed in a new … Continue reading

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