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Having written so much about the struggle to find a job, I wanted to let you all know its finally happened. I’m scheduling the pre-employment formalities and should have a start date soon. I’m trying not to get too excited, … Continue reading

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Life’s Maze

Since arriving home from Florida my days have been busy catching up in the garden trashing expired crops, harvesting new crops, and doing lots of weeding. While I was away I continued my job search and like years past the … Continue reading

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Dazzle Them

Yes, I believe I dazzled them on the interview. Arriving in the less than professional interview attire because this is not an office job, it’s a human service position for the creative minded individual who is confident and thinks out … Continue reading

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What Career?

I have a job interview today. The last thing I want is to walk in there filled with negativity not knowing when the next opportunity for employment will come. Most employment prospects I have applied for are positions beneath me, … Continue reading

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All I Want For Christmas…

Just when I thought, I had all the time in the world… okay, an exaggeration and one of those clichés I so dread.  When I finished posting to my blog yesterday, How, I Will Get Through… | Aligaeta’s Blog, I received a … Continue reading

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