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Shame and Letting Go

A friend recently spoke of me as being Low Maintenance, what he considers to be an attribute. I’ve been pondering this for days. I find myself preferring alone to living with insanity, a respite to those who know me. Should … Continue reading

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Time to Write

When I had what seemed to be all the time in the world I spent the day blogging. Lately, life has gotten in the way: returning to work, taking care of family responsibilities, and trying to finish up on those … Continue reading

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Morning Thoughts

I welcome the bluest sky this morning in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. It’s just me and my coffee sitting poolside while the rest of the house sleeps. I’ve caught up on my email and everyone’s facebook stats and find myself writing … Continue reading

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Blogger Suicide

As I’ve noticed several recent views of my first post: this has piqued my interest as to how I intended my blog to develop and its six month journey since. I’ve gotten braver since the beginning: I had no intention of letting … Continue reading

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A Purposeful Life

Gail, a nurse I used to work with would say, “It’s a new day; another chance to excel!” and I would feed off her optimism. Now, I see today as a slice of life: a day to live and do with it … Continue reading

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Revisiting: Writing 101

This writer’s workshop, I’m attending, has me thinking beyond writing to editing being more than a spell check. I am very lazy with commas. Years ago, one of my teacher’s criticized my use of the comma, saying I use too … Continue reading

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Holding Back

One of the lessons in my personal essay course was not to write about people you don’t want to write about, because the reader can tell your holding back. I have people I don’t write about and at first, when … Continue reading

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