Time to Write

When I had what seemed to be all the time in the world I spent the day blogging. Lately, life has gotten in the way: returning to work, taking care of family responsibilities, and trying to finish up on those household projects. Although I still have found some leisure time for myself to juggle games of Words With Friends and squeeze in an occasional game of the addicting Macbrickout. It is the solid blocks of time required to write that I need to reestablish.

My new job as a Residential Counselor has been going well. I feel appreciated there by both staff and clients and when reflecting on my start in my last position at a mental health residence: I am relieved not to be a replacement but a new hire therefore avoiding negative reactions from those who have difficulty with change and/or abandonment issues.

I am working a combination of days and evenings, which has both its challenges and its benefits. I am not a morning person so that 5:30 am alarm will take some getting use to. And I am not much of a night person either so arriving home as the clock approaches 1:00 am isn’t much of a joy either. The difficulty is on Wednesday after arriving home late unable to fall asleep, for fear of sleeping through the 5:30 alarm, then having to go the day on 2-3 hours sleep. I know after sometime of adjustment I’ll gain a few more hours sleep and downtime the other mornings and the relaxed atmosphere of 4-12 shifts make it all worth it. I wouldn’t want to work all 8-4’s nor all 4-12’s as I find the flexibility meets both my personal needs and is a reasonable compromise for my family that would prefer my working 8-4 and continuing to cater to all the household duties. Its time everyone learns to contribute and when they have no choice but to fend for themselves or do without I see them becoming more self-sufficient.

It was funny. A few weeks ago I prepared some extra meals and dated them in the fridge and freezer for the days I work 8-4. Matthew asked “Mom why are you making food for the nights your home?” and I told him after I get up at 5:30 and work a full day I want to be able to finish cooking something already prepared. Then he asked, “What about the days you’re not here?” I told him I’ll be eating at work and he’ll have to manage on his own.

I did take out frozen chicken cutlets Tuesday heated one up in the microwave and made myself a sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and mayo before going to work. I figured Fred, my man, would heat up the cutlets, peel and cook some carrots, and boil up some noodles. I held back my laughter when I heard for dinner he had a “frozen chicken cutlet”. Last night with nothing left out he managed to make linguine with clam sauce.

Matthew chose cereal over the pork chops the last two times we ate them I suppose he did the same last night or he joined Fred for dinner or waited for his sister to come home from work at the pizzeria with something, or ate the leftover tuna salad I had for lunch. My point is: at 19 years old I no longer feel responsible.

Now it is my turn to move in Words With Friends. Matthew has finally taken his turn. Yes, we are in the same room playing a game with each other on our personal computers. I am still waiting for Michael and Sarah to take their turns and Melissa has requested I send her a challenge. Fred has not yet responded to the challenge I sent him. Unlike my children and I, he is not a wordy. My friend Beverly from high school now living in Texas has been juggling two games at a time with me and Sue whom I’ve known since birth needs to be reminded that it’s her turn.

So like some of my fellow bloggers I’ve been busy with other thing but this morning, Friday my day off from work I am happy to have taken the time to read other returning blogs:  Hello, My Poor Blog | manofewords and My Blog Hates Me « The Big Sheep Blog and have been so inspired to write a returning blog of my own.

About Aligaeta

I am a life time resident of NY State. A graduate of Nassau Community College, AA in Liberal Arts and Queens College, BA in English and Sociology. I am the mother of four children, the survivor of divorce, and I love to write in prose. This blog will be a record of my journey... destination unknown. Read more... https://aligaeta.wordpress.com/
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2 Responses to Time to Write

  1. bigsheepcommunications says:

    Aw, thank you! Best of luck with the new job.

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