Leaving a Full-House Behind

I am saddened to say that my plan for our family vacation to Cape Cod, much like our plan to go to Florida, has also fallen apart. As it turns out Fred’s son, Joe is unable to join us. Then, Sarah informed me she will be working, covering a shift for a friend mid-week, so she will only be joining us for the last few of our days away. Melissa, my run-away disgrutaled daughter has yet to return home choosing her freedom over house rules. (Let’s just say her life is a vacation.) Therefore, the vacationing group was down to a mere three campers, my honey Fred and my son Matthew; that was until Fred dropped the bomb saying he can’t make it either.

I’m pretty flexible, as one who has been following my blog might have noticed as I have tossed my vacation plans between Massachusetts and Florida, but what I can not be flexible with is the dates in which to travel. You see, my reservation at the Cape is set, booked as necessary six months in advance, as well as my Florida friend’s time off from her job with both coincidently being at the same time.

It would have been nice to take Joe with us to the Cape. I was excited to see this little one’s enthusiasm experiencing our camping adventure for the first time and everything the cape has to offer. I had been looking forward to watching him light up as we got off of the Little Creek Shuttle, walked past the bath-house, onto the hot white sand pathway through the dunes where turtles nest, to arrive at the pristine Coast Guard Beach with its crashing waves and the precious rocks that gather along the shoreline. I guess I will have to wait another year for this.

I think Sarah would just rather take our vacations in small doses, not being a camper or a happy beach goer. And I suppose now as an adult she looks forward to our going away so she has peace and freedom at home in our absence. Yet, she thinks enough of our family vacations or knowing my Sarah it would probably be more accurate to say, she respects my wishes enough to sacrifice her freedom to join us for at least a few of the days.

Vacationing at the Cape would not be the same without my sweet Melissa sneaking off late into the night to hang out with the locals and have the wild teen experience. That was the nightmare of my vacation last summer that I won’t go any further into in this post. I’ll just say Fred and I were well in need of a vacation alone after returning from that week on the Cape with Melissa and her friends.

Now, a camping vacation is a lot of work. I enjoy camping but not all of the work that is involved. I like to have some meals out at restaurants so I can at least feel I’m getting some what of a break. I also need to have my camping companions cooperation. I need them to help pack up the car, to help set up of the campsite, to wash the dishes after I cook the meals, to at least hang up their own towels, bathing suits, and wet clothes up to dry after our days water adventures, and to help pack things up to go home, then, to help unpack the car when we get home. It’s not too much work when everyone cooperates but now I am down to one fellow camper that I know will bitch complain and protest having to help out each day that we’re away. And I know when its time for me to relax with a book I’m going to have to hear “I’m bored.” Or, “I’m hungry, what’s there to eat?” This is no longer a vacation. It’s a BLEEPing nightmare.

So, you’ll all have to excuse me while I drive solo to Florida to spend a few day’s away from you all relaxing with my best friend, so I can rejuvenate and put up with taking care of you all another year. In my absence, you grown people will have to manage your own meals and the piles of dirty dishes you tend to leave behind.

I’d ask you to harvest the vegetables as needed for your meals but know that in my absence you will take this as a free-ride to not have to eat vegetables for a week. I wish you all good digestion. I taught you all well, what you do while I’m gone won’t be my problem. Please refer back to this paragraph should any of your stomachs bother you while I’m away and note: the cure is in the garden.

I will be missing Fred when I am at the beach and wish he was joining me on (this or that) vacation. It is nice that I have found someone who loves the water as much as I do. We’ll have to plan on catching another wave, another time.

In the meantime… I’ll be on vacation.

About Aligaeta

I am a life time resident of NY State. A graduate of Nassau Community College, AA in Liberal Arts and Queens College, BA in English and Sociology. I am the mother of four children, the survivor of divorce, and I love to write in prose. This blog will be a record of my journey... destination unknown. Read more... https://aligaeta.wordpress.com/
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7 Responses to Leaving a Full-House Behind

  1. Lisa (Woman Wielding Words) says:

    I’m glad you are going to take yourself on vacation and enjoy time with your friend. You deserve it. Relax and have fun. I’m jealous, I would like a vacation on my own right about now.

    • Aligaeta says:

      Thanks Lisa. I have an update: Fred has also read my post and his putting his affairs in order so he can join me on my trip to Florida. My sister-in-law must also have caught up on my blog. She was kind enough to call to offer her assistance in the garden while I am away.

      Before you know it your daughter will be all grown up and you too will be wondering if you really want to go alone or if you want everybody to join you. I wish you the peace and serenity that you are needing.

      • Lisa (Woman Wielding Words) says:

        Sarah and I will be going on a vacation together to Colorado next week, and I am looking forward to that. I have just been on 24/7 Mom duty since the end of May so want a few days of just Lisa duty. But, I will enjoy every moment of the trip (except when she starts whining that the car ride is too long. LOL). I’m glad that Fred figured out how to join you and your sister-in-law stepped up. Now enjoy your time in Florida, that’s an order!

  2. clarbojahn says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about all your sadness in your vacation plans. I hope Melissa comes home safe and unharmed and I hope that after you have a few days break in Florida with your friend that everything will seem lighter and brighter. I wish you blessings for your time away and don’t worry about what you leave behind.

  3. Aligaeta says:

    Thanks Clar. Things have come together since I wrote this post this morning (see comment to Lisa).

    As for my daughter she is fine I saw her at her job earlier in the week. She is staying with her friend’s family. I will see her again before I leave. I do wish she would come home when I am here not while I’m away to party in and wreck my house.

  4. jannatwrites says:

    I’m glad you’re going to Florida and Fred is able to join you. It’s a shame when planning a stinking vacation is more stressful than the life you’re trying to get a break from 😉

    Enjoy the water!

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