Images: Up Close in the Garden

I beat the rain planting cucumbers, broccoli, butterhead lettuce and then more peas, beets, and green beans. Matthew didn’t want to hear that I was planting more potatoes with 124 potato plants already growing.

Yesterday, I started hilling the earliest potato plantings after thinning the weeds between the rows. I also cleared and turned a new section that were all weeds so today’s planting went quickly with the dirt already prepared. I don’t know if I had planted basil there too early or if I had changed my mind but weeds were the only thing to come up and I had waited long enough to no avail. Silly as it is to admit, I did plant the basil yesterday only to forget where? It was a short row on either side of something, the lettuce maybe?

With so much planted Matthew decided to assist documenting what I am planting where, as it is all getting away from me. Fortunately, I have no trouble recognizing the seedlings that have emerged and he was present for today’s sowing to                                                                   put to record.

I harvested some young spinach and really early lettuce from my over crowded row of gourmet mix. With so much yielding, I thought I’d indulge as a means of thinning the spinach and lettuce rows.

Now I am ready for the four days of forecasted rain to arrive and take some well deserved time off from the garden.

Images Displayed: Potatoes, Carrots, Beets, Spinach, and Gourmet Lettuce Mix respectfully.


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I am a life time resident of NY State. A graduate of Nassau Community College, AA in Liberal Arts and Queens College, BA in English and Sociology. I am the mother of four children, the survivor of divorce, and I love to write in prose. This blog will be a record of my journey... destination unknown. Read more...
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5 Responses to Images: Up Close in the Garden

  1. jannatwrites says:

    Your garden is coming along nicely. I’m glad you’re getting some help in tracking what you’ve got planted.

    The rain should be good for the plants. (Gardening here is so hard because it doesn’t rain nearly enough and the heat is hard on most plants we’ve tried…I did get a ton of zucchini one year, though.)

  2. Aligaeta says:

    It was nice to have Matthew’s company in the garden. Turning the dirt doesn’t have the appeal that growing plants have. Later in the day Sarah came home from school with a family friend who enjoyed a stroll through the garden. David was impressed by the area planted it being double the size of years past. He was interested in my plans for the garden as we get into the warmer months planting tomatoes and other summer vegetables.

    The blackdirt soil is most conducive to farming. It holds the water and can go for some time between showers as the surface dries leaving a fine powder and inches below the surface, the roots of the plants remain moist. I did have to go out with my water can this past week it being quite some time since a good rain the top 3-4 inches of the soil was dry and the lettuce, carrots, and beets being still young the roots don’t extend deep enough to thrive otherwise.

    It must be quite the challenge gardening in the desert. You must have been thrilled by your abundant zucchini yield!

  3. Nice looking start to a garden. I’m planting just a few things and hoping our vicious bunnies don’t eat them up.

    • Aligaeta says:

      Here it is the woodchucks we fear. Long ago a local farmer told me: either you have a shotgun or you plant enough to share. Good luck with your garden.

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