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I feel like most of my time I spend waiting. Waiting for that great job posting to apply. Then I wait again for a reply. I wait for the crops to grow and then for them to produce. I have … Continue reading

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The Mystical Garden

These past 24 hours I’ve been trapping beetles off my potato plants banging them into a chock-full-of-nuts can. Then I had this idea… Perhaps if I sprinkled some fairy dust in the dark of night it might work. I’d try … Continue reading

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Since my daughter Sarah came home from college for her summer break we’ve been passing the time playing this great game. Its similar to Scrabble as the players are developing words in crossword formation but it has the benefit of … Continue reading

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My Piece of the NY “Dream Drive”

Eight years ago when I found this farmhouse in ruins, it was not only a mean of survival for this newly divorced mother of four it had potential and great views. As time went by especially through staled periods in … Continue reading

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Finance and Taking Responsibility

When financial crisis hits home some children remain in a protective bubble. Perhaps their parents continue to buy those expensive designer sneakers and clothing that represents status. Maybe the children continue sporting or recreation programs with expenses that exceeds the … Continue reading

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Blogger Suicide

As I’ve noticed several recent views of my first post: this has piqued my interest as to how I intended my blog to develop and its six month journey since. I’ve gotten braver since the beginning: I had no intention of letting … Continue reading

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Living and Learning on the Farm

Yesterday I left a glass of water out on the porch and this morning I found a large beetle in it struggling to survive. With 124 potato plants in the garden I was hoping it would be a while longer … Continue reading

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