Working Off the Winter

One of my motivation for planting the garden has always been: fighting the extra pounds I put on each winter. Sure eating increased amounts of fruits and vegetables always helps to regulate your system but it is the physical activity of gardening that burns the calories, increases the heart rate and can truly be an aerobic exercise.

I wish I owned a scale so I can document my weight along the way, but with money tight these days I am not going to splurge on such a luxury, an item most people take for granted.

It seems the early work, turning the dirt in March goes to waste, or is worthless as my calorie intake mid-late March is quite high. This Irish girl tends to treat herself to a bottle of Bailey’s for Saint Patrick’s Day and then over indulges on birthday cake the first day of Spring. This year I made a special request for a Black Forest Cake, chocolate, cherries, and cream, who could resist.

Then the day after my birthday, my present from the ‘freshie’ was a delicious Traditional Cheese Cake from the Cheese Cake Factory, of which I confess I ate all but two slices. All that dirt turning and weeding only worked off the excessive indulgence of March’s celebrations.

I tend to be on the small size according to the standards of the time. Now as I’m squeezing into a size 8 wishing I could be in the beautiful clothes I wore at size 6, I’ve kissed good-bye the pre-menopausal size 4 with a sorrowful farewell. Gaining the sizes is almost as bad as the hot-flashes and the subsequent interruption of sleep each night. Although my partner, has been quite amused as I rip off my clothes in the middle of the night like a wild woman although shouting “Don’t touch me!” We’ll see how much he likes it when I get back down to my size six.

Try as I will, I feed him lots of vegetables and less red meat than he likes, I’m working on us growing old together. Now, if I could only get him out in the garden, turning the dirt with me, side by side.


About Aligaeta

I am a life time resident of NY State. A graduate of Nassau Community College, AA in Liberal Arts and Queens College, BA in English and Sociology. I am the mother of four children, the survivor of divorce, and I love to write in prose. This blog will be a record of my journey... destination unknown. Read more...
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