Puppets to Commercialism

Last night, I heard a commercial for yet another big sale event. All I could think was, here we go again. It never occurred to me that President’s Day is the week after Valentine’s Day. I hadn’t before given it any thought. Celebrating the birthday of our country’s forefathers’ with a day off of work or a day with pay at time and a half had always been welcome, but this year, as last year, without work it’s just another day.

Unlike Valentine’s Day, on President’s Day we don’t feel an obligation to buy a gift, even though it is a birthday. Perhaps’ Michelle, Malia, and Sasha should run out to the store to buy Barack a present, but even that is stretching it. Could you image if they marketed President’s day as a day where we should shower the current President with gifts?

Family of Barack Obama – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In our country gifts and favors to public officials is frowned upon and what kind of gifts would be purchased anyway? I would image perhaps some trinkets, from the old volunteer’s along the campaign trail in prosperous times, and cards with sentiments of encouragement. But, this is all a very poor marketing ploy. It would be a big flop for commercialism. Instead, for those of us who are being patriotic, flags are raised.

However, the big market for American flags comes on other days of the year: Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veteran’s Day. On days when three-quarters of America is stuck under a freeze, we’re not buying flags, well maybe a few. It will have to take a really big sales event to bring American‘s out to shop in a recession, in the winter. And like Valentine’s Day we would have to be shopping for someone we love.

Having been so generous to our loved ones on Valentine’s Day, with prices slashed one week later, we can all say, without guilt, “Its time to shop for me, me, me! Enough of this winter, I want some spring!” even with snow still around for half of the country and more to come, I imagine there will be a big run on outdoor barbeques.

No matter how ridiculous this sounds, how many people will go out this President’s Day and buy a new grill?


Feature Image: hsflag.com


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