What About the Baby?

Its time once again to shovel out in the Hudson Valley, snow turned to sleet hours ago and it’s still coming down at 3pm.  Nothing melted or washed away a half-foot of this mixture lays in the way of escape.  Living on these private roads it is more than the driveway to consider.

But the ‘freshie’ is going out.  Her friends in their four-wheel drive utility vehicle are on their way.  There is no stopping this seventeen year old social butterfly, responsible pizzeria counter person/waitress, she more dependable than the postal worker.  She also is an amazing storyteller, however I remain skeptical as to if this story is fact or fiction.

Today is her friend Michael’s birthday and it is also the day he was scheduled to take care of the baby.  Taking care of the baby for twenty-four hours is part of the high school health class course requirements.  Despite the hazardous road conditions this young man on his seventeenth birthday is expected to arrive in the snow/sleet to pick up the baby as school officials are in and ready to hand over this enormous responsiblity to this young man.

Years ago I worked in a hospital and as a healthcare worker it is understood that in case of emergency, of which hazardous weather conditions qualify, your expected to remain at work for the duration unless enough replacement staff happens to venture in.  Now, the safety and well-being of the baby is at stake here.

  • Should school official’s actually expect this young man to come out and transport the baby on icy roads to his home on the outskirt of town?
  • Due to the circumstances, shouldn’t this school official step up and care for the baby?
  • Do you think Michael should fail if he arrives to take the baby?
  • Do you think the official making this request should fail?

*Note: The baby is a doll.


About Aligaeta

I am a life time resident of NY State. A graduate of Nassau Community College, AA in Liberal Arts and Queens College, BA in English and Sociology. I am the mother of four children, the survivor of divorce, and I love to write in prose. This blog will be a record of my journey... destination unknown. Read more... https://aligaeta.wordpress.com/
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5 Responses to What About the Baby?

  1. Southern Man says:

    Great questions!

    My daughter took “the baby” to a high school football game attended by 10,000+ teenage fanatics and seated alumni. What a disaster!!

    Half way through the 1st quarter “the baby” is crying loudly. My daughter tried to sit and rock the baby to no avail. After the 1st quarter she was determined to leave her friends, boyfriend and the close contest on the field in order to passify “the baby”.

    As she placed the baby in it’s car seat and drove out of the football stadium parking lot, the baby was not willing to stop crying. My daughter pulled into a McDonalds parking lot and spent the next hour trying to calm the baby. Frazzled, she called her mom who laughed, her friends, who reluctantly left the gridiron contest to see if they could help and her boyfriend (ex boyfriend shortly after) who told her it wasn’t his – chosing the game over my daughter and “the baby”!

    Needless to say, the point of this exercise is an important one for all teens to learn yet the circumstances dictate adapting to the situation. I don’t know if there is a correct answer because it depends on commitments, understanding of facts balanced by the safetey and common sense.

    If it were yours and real, could wild horses stop you?

    Interesting, very interesting.

    • Aligaeta says:

      What a terrific response you add! Absolutely, if it were my baby wild horses couldn’t stop me from getting there. Thank you for sharing your daughter’s interesting experience with the baby, what a wonderful following to my post. Yet still, those questions remain.

  2. bowlegged says:

    I appreciate your comment on my blog and am pleased to have found yours. I am entertained by the point of view of a mother with older kids. It’s a big, bad world I am so ill-equipped for, it seems. So, a little studying up can’t hurt a girl, right? 🙂

  3. bowlegged says:

    Yup, I will “study up.” 🙂

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