Christmas and Then What?

I was supposed to keep thing practical this Christmas, so what did I do?  I was extravagant. It started with the great deal I got on an HP Laptop for my eighteen year old son Matthew.   It was time, actually long over due that he had a computer of his own.

A few days after this purchase I was at my brother’s house, the Mac house, for dessert Thanksgiving and although I am a Mac user, I learned from my nephew Colin all the new features of the Ipod touch… Wow!  Now, that would be the gift for Melissa, but that was it.  One gift per child.  Times are tough, and they aren’t little kids anymore.

Sarah requested I forfeit her gift in lieu of cash toward tuition.  She’s my practical one.  I figured I’d match what I paid for Matthew’s laptop and Sarah would be done.

Not having an address for my gypsy son, somewhere out west.  Nothing: was what he was going to get for Christmas.

The shopping for my kids was done.  Well, when we took a trip into Michael’s crafts I thought I should get a few things for Sarah, little stuff. I had read a blog about ornaments and Sarah and I have made some beautiful ones over the years.  I thought it would be nice to purchase supplies for her to start ornaments for her ‘future’ tree.  She’d have these ornaments to decorate the dorm next November, as the girls get ready for Christmas as fast as the pumpkins rot.

Then, I started thinking I should get a little something extra for Melissa.  Sure the Ipod touch with mega megabites was more than she would ever dream of getting, especially being that the ‘little freshie’ was on my shit list,

however, the baby needed something else to open.

So, when I was in Michael’s Crafts I purchased some skeins of yarn, four multi-colored and two solid yellowish/green’s, thinking I should crochet her a scarf, she’s into that kind of stuff, and maybe I’d make the other girls, Sarah and my honey’s daughter Courtney scarfs also.

I found out December 23rd, Michael, my gypsy son wouldn’t give me an address because he was packing up and coming back home for Christmas.  So, I was back out shopping again.  He had a job interview in NYC on December 28th and lost all his ties somewhere with all the moves, and he lost weight.  None of his dress pants fit.  So, I was out, buying this and that, in this size and that size, dressing him ready to impress.

But this isn’t what I had planned to write about.  Christmas Eve, after Melissa opened the Ipod and lost her mind with excitement and got teary eyed reading the inscription “Peace, Hope, Love, My Sweet Melissa”, I showed her the yarn and told her my plans for her scarf.

Melissa decided she wanted the multi-colored scarf tightly woven, not at all what I had planned for her, but okay, I can do that.  I crocheted with the speed of light and tasselled it off, twenty-four hours start to finish. feeling bad that I didn’t find her another gift to open.

We were with Fred’s kids the day after Christmas and to my surprise like Melissa, Courney didn’t want the scarf I planned for her either.  She wanted the same yarn as Melissa’s scarf with big holes.

Then Joey piped up “I want a scarf.  A green one.”  I thought I’d be back out to Michael’s but when I showed him the multi-colored yarn pointing out the green in it, he said “No, I want a light green.”  I pulled the solid, yellow-green yarn I had already bought and he said “Yeah, that’s the green I want.”  So, scarf number two was then in the making. But I had to hurry, Sarah was waiting for her scarf.

Sarah wanted the multi-colored scarf like Melissa’s but unlike Melissa, Sarah wanted holes.  I started the scarf and asked her what she thought.  She said “No, no, those holes are too big.  I want small holes.”  Now folks, I never made a scarf before this fiasco and haven’t crocheted since making their baby blankets, long, long ago and now I’m the mad crafting fool, no instructions, feeling like my Baba, crocheting out of love.  When it was done, Sarah loved her scarf and to my surprise she didn’t want tassels.  No tassels, I don’t get it, but that’s the way she wanted it, so we’ll call it done.

As fast as I finished Sarah’s scarf I started on Courtney’s the scarf with the big holes and tassels: the scarf I’ve been longing to make extra wide for warmth.  I needed to get this scarf made before our get together this weekend.  I was working on it this morning when Matthew got the call.  As it turns out, he has an interview tomorrow morning.  I worked on the scarf all day.  “Two more rows (the long way) and I’ll take you to the mall for your hair cut.”  It has to get done.

So, tonight before I started this blog, the last of the scarfs are done, all but the tassels. Matthew is all set for his interview.  By the way, Michael got that NYC job.  And while we were at the mall, I picked up one of the Nate books for Joey, he said he’s reading chapter books now, although Courtney argues he’s not.  I now have something special for each of them this weekend.  Joey received his scarf for New Years.

But that’s not it either… this afternoon while I was crocheting Courney’s scarf, Matthew after finishing his lunch, egg salad sandwich on honey wheat, he asked “Mommy, why do you bake bread?”

“It’s a craft, Matthew.  I like crafts.”  Counting stitches as I answered.

“But you have that.”  He said pointing to the hook, yarn and scarf in hand.

“Yes, Matthew and I have my writing.”

“Yeah but you made four scarfs this week and we had, let me see… four loaves of bread…”

“And I’ve written five stories.” I added.

This post is finished.  Time to spend time with my man.  But before I go, I need to tell you the answer to Matthew’s last question.  “I could give up any craft but writing.”


About Aligaeta

I am a life time resident of NY State. A graduate of Nassau Community College, AA in Liberal Arts and Queens College, BA in English and Sociology. I am the mother of four children, the survivor of divorce, and I love to write in prose. This blog will be a record of my journey... destination unknown. Read more...
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4 Responses to Christmas and Then What?

  1. Southern Man says:

    A mother’s devotion to her her children enables her to move mountains and builds that special mother/child bond for life.

  2. Aligaeta says:

    Absolutely. It’s the number of children that I have chosen to be devoted to that makes it all consuming. I keep spreading and scarfing the love : ) … perhaps it will be blankets next.

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