Wow, What a Gift!

We’re a Mac household.  I love my IMac.  This is my fourth Mac.  My oldest son, Michael is on his second MacBook.  My daughter loves her MacBook.  I wish I had one too.  When she graduated high school two years ago, her dad and I each gave her money towards it.  She’s a computer science major.

My youngest son went off to college in September, for electrical maintenance so we sent him off with lots and lots of tools.  A computer isn’t required for his major although I would have liked him to have one.  School didn’t work out for him.  He’s back at home, once again sharing my IMac, just when I thought it was time for me to write without someone jumping in my chair.

Money is tighter this year than usual and by comparison to others, we generally have a modest Christmas, but I wanted my son to have a computer.  He needs a computer.  I need him to have a computer, but I cannot afford an IMac.

So, it’s quite disappointing for me to buy him an HP Laptop instead.  All I can wonder is ‘How disappointed will he be?’

I got a great deal at Best Buy, the catch being I had to drive down to the city to pick it up.  Catch #2, this sale was just before Thanksgiving and their return policy for computers is only two weeks and Christmas is a month away.  What if my sons disappointed.  What if he asks, “Why did you buy me this piece of shit?” and it’s too late for me to return it.

If I surprise him, the surprise may be on me.  This gift may be another disappointment for my son.  On top of the fact that although it’s not a MacBook, a laptop is a very generous Christmas gift in comparison to Christmas’ past and what my other children will receive.  This is a terrible idea besides it still being a gift beyond my means.

So I ruined the surprise.  I purchased the HP.  Then, told my son, ‘although I would like to get him a Macbook for Christmas I could not possibly afford one.’  He was shocked.  He never asked me for a computer understanding our family economics.  I showed him the HP laptop and asked him to check it out.  He was thrilled.  He put it back in the box and it has tormented him ever since, as he’s waiting for Christmas to receive his gift.

I was at my brother’s house for Thanksgiving, another Mac house.  My nephew was telling me about the IPad and all I could think was maybe I shouldn’t have gone with the HP Laptop and bought my son the IPad.  Then, I wouldn’t of had to worry about disappointment and it would have been a surprise.  I couldn’t then, take back the laptop then after seeing how much he liked it.

All this giving wouldn’t be a problem if money didn’t matter.  I wish we could keep this simple, like the little drummer boy.


About Aligaeta

I am a life time resident of NY State. A graduate of Nassau Community College, AA in Liberal Arts and Queens College, BA in English and Sociology. I am the mother of four children, the survivor of divorce, and I love to write in prose. This blog will be a record of my journey... destination unknown. Read more...
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2 Responses to Wow, What a Gift!

  1. Southern Man says:

    I have an iPad and love it. Yes I am a Dell fan when it comes to PC’s but after an iPhone, I had to have the iPad

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